Thanks to its history, our Association, the Greek Association of Traditional Art & Craft Producers, intends to stand up for the sector’s tradition and to build on it and even beyond it.

Our objectives,

is to take forward the unity of our members and all of our colleagues to improve the conditions under which the sector is called to operate.

is to continue and to improve our exhibition. Each new member-exhibitor always brings a note of optimism for the future, and a fresh set of innovative products, always on the basis of traditional shapes and techniques.

is to support increasing participation in foreign exhibitions, with more samples of our members’ work, either in the form of collective exhibits or by their physical presence.

is to organize an online exhibition, to bring our members’ products, both traditional and innovative, to the centre of attention, not just in the already familiar ways, but also in accordance with the new possibilities that technology offers us.

is to provide even more support for the Association’s registered trademark. We want Greek and foreign consumers to become aware of the trademark, to ensure that it is widely used and eventually recognized by all.

is to create an arts & crafts village. We aim to create a venue for the physical and digital promotion of our tradition. This will include a museum housing exhibits from our creative culture; hosting craftspeople who will introduce traditional know-how to the young generations, and to all interested parties; and digital storage of past knowledge, in view of its protection and further use.

handicraft στόχοι

We have many visions, and we are working hard to achieve them
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